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Published on October 16th, 2019 | by Justin G.

Metalite: Biomechanicals (AFM, 2019)

Swedish pop metal – sorry, “modern melodic metal” – band Metalite is back with a new album (and a new vocalist). Biomechanicals is the band’s second album and their first to feature singer Erica Ohlsson. It’s also their first on the AFM label. Once again the band (wisely) enlisted producer extraordinaire Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Pretty Maids), who has a particular gift for this style of metal.

While the band’s name might suggest some light and airy “female fronted metal,” Metalite is essentially Amaranthe with a single vocalist. And that’s not a bad thing. Amaranthe is a lot of fun, and so is this band. You have to have a high tolerance for dance/synth elements, but they’re matched by heavy guitars and great melodies, which make everything better. As for Ohlsson, she’s a great fit for the band and delivers a very strong performance that’s poppy but has power as well.

Biomechanicals is very reminiscent of the first two Amaranthe albums, minus the male vocalists. “Eye Of The Storm” and “Apocalypse” are two high energy highlights, and slowing things down a bit “Breakaway” has great melodies. The whole album satisfies in a cotton candy kind of way.

“Pop metal” may be a dirty word to some, but damn if it doesn’t put a smile on my face these days. If you like Amaranthe, CyHra, Battle Beast and newer Dynazty, you’ll love Metalite as well.

Metalite: Biomechanicals (AFM, 2019) Justin G.
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Summary: Amaranthe-style pop metal


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