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Published on January 30th, 2021 | by Justin G.

Voodoo Circle: Locked & Loaded (AFM, 2021)

German melodic hard rock band Voodoo Circle is back with a new album, and that’s not the only thing that’s back. Original vocalist David Readman (Pink Cream 69) and drummer Markus Kullman have rejoined the band to make album number six that much more memorable.

A new Voodoo Circle album is always worth celebrating, and as much as I enjoyed their one album with Herbie Langhans (2018’s Raised On Rock), there’s a special magic when David Readman, guitarist Alex Beyrodt and bassist Mat Sinner are together that’s evident as soon as you press “play” on Locked & Loaded.

If you’ve followed Voodoo Circle this far, you know their basic style. It’s essentially a metallic take on the classic late ‘80s Whitesnake sound, and since it “ain’t broke,” the band doesn’t try to fix it. Actually, the vibe on Locked & Loaded is closer to 85% Whitesnake and 15% Led Zeppelin, which is pretty cool to hear. Readman sings his heart out on these songs, and Beyrodt’s solos are as glorious as you’ve come to expect. Slap a Jacob Hansen mix and master on the album and you’ve got another terrific Voodoo Circle album on your hands.

“Devil With An Angel Smile” was the early single from Locked & Loaded, and gives you a damn good idea of what the album has in store. “Magic Woman Chile” is the song with the best Zeppelin vibe. The title track is the only song on the album that has you reaching for the skip button. It’s just a little too weird to fit the rest of the album’s overall atmosphere.

Locked & Loaded is a welcome return of the classic Voodoo Circle lineup. Anyone who enjoyed the past five albums is going to be more than satisfied by this one, and if you’re not familiar with the band but love that classic Whitesnake sound, Voodoo Circle is a band you have to hear.

Voodoo Circle: Locked & Loaded (AFM, 2021) Justin G.
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Summary: Readman + Beyrodt = classic Voodoo Circle


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