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Published on December 3rd, 2016 | by Justin G.

Within the Fire: Still Burning

New York-based heavy metal band Within the Fire made their full-length debut earlier this year with the self-released Still Burning. The band, which features guitarist/songwriter RJ Pipino alongside 4/5 of the band Enertia (plus Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner guesting on one track), plays a hard-hitting brand of thrash-infused heavy metal.

Given the lineup, it’s hard not to think of Enertia when listening to Still Burning. The rhythms and of course Scott Featherstone’s huge vocal performance tend to dominate. Within the Fire has a more straightforward approach though; one that brings to mind classic Vicious Rumors albums. Between the vocals and the guitar work, there’s a very satisfying heaviness here, but that’s balanced by thrashing riffs and just enough melody. The high-octane “Throttle” is probably the best example of those elements coming together. Other highlights on Still Burning include the Vicious Rumors meets Adrenaline Mob-sounding “A Date With the Devil” and the heavy anthem “Time to Rise.”

As much as I love my shiny happy power metal and my elitist prog metal, there are times when you just need something heavy and fast. That’s when an album like Still Burning is very, very satisfying. Fans of the new school of US power/thrash – think Final Sign, Hellrazor, Imagika and Witches Mark – would do well to check out Within the Fire. And of course fans of Enertia will want to hear this one.


Within the Fire: Still Burning Justin G.
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Summary: This is a really solid, Vicious Rumors-style power/thrasher


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