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Published on June 14th, 2017 | by Justin G.

Tokyo Motor Fist (Frontiers)

Tokyo Motor Fist, the much-anticipated pairing of Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley and Trixter guitarist Steve Brown, debuted earlier this year. They’re joined by former the Rainbow rhythm section of Greg Smith and Chuck Burgi, and have – surprise! – come up with an album that combines the best elements of those old Danger Danger and Trixter albums.

I’m actually just a casual fan of Danger Danger and Trixter, so I wasn’t too pumped up about this one. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by last year’s Danger Danger spinoff The Defiants, so I had to at least give Tokyo Motor Fist a listen. Then another one. And another. I have to say, this is some really good, really catchy melodic rock that gets the very best from both Poley and Brown. You get the old school sound – the hooks, the ultra-infectious melodies, the smooth vocals and that great melodic rock energy – without the cheesiness that came with those late ’80s and early ’90s albums.

Tokyo Motor Fist has eleven songs, and not one of them is a dud. My favorites are leadoff rocker “Pickin’ Up the Pieces,” “Black and Blue” and the hard-hitting “Put Me To Shame” with its Def Leppard vibe, but this whole album is rock-solid.

I went into this one a skeptic and came out a believer. Poley and Brown put together something really special here. Tokyo Motor Fist will not only appeal to fans of Danger Danger and Trixter, but fans of polished, catchy, melodic rock bands like Eclipse, Def Leppard, H.E.A.T, The Defiants, One Desire and Brother Firetribe as well.

Tokyo Motor Fist (Frontiers) Justin G.
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Summary: This one exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations.


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