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Published on June 27th, 2017 | by Justin G.

The Doomsday Kingdom: self-titled (Nuclear Blast)

2017 saw the debut offering from The Doomsday Kingdom, a side project (and more or less supergroup) from Candlemass mastermind Leif Edling. He’s joined by Wolf vocalist Niklas Stalvind, guitarist (and Avatarium bandmate) Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt) and drummer Andreas Johansson (Narnia).

I know what you’re thinking: with Edling and Stalvind together, this is going to sound like Candlemass with Wolf’s vocals. Instead, The Doomsday Kingdom sounds like…OK, that’s exactly what they sound like. It’s why I bought the album, and probably why you did (or will) as well. I loved the idea of Stalvind’s unique and instantly recognizable voice against the kind of crushing, epic doom metal that Edling has perfected in his long career, and this album does not disappoint. The songs are squarely in the Candlemass style, with (and this isn’t exactly a stretch) a similarity to the last couple of Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell albums. Stalvind gives these dark and heavy songs an appropriately sinister edge, and Jidell once again proves to be quite adept at delivering doomy riffs.

In the end, The Doomsday Kingdom is an absolutely predictable, absolutely satisfying new offering from “The Doomfather” and company. Between this and the new Avatarium, doom metal fans have more than enough to hold us over until the next Candlemass album. Beyond the doom fans, Wolf fans get to hear a familiar voice in a new setting as well. I’d love to hear more from this particular lineup.

The Doomsday Kingdom: self-titled (Nuclear Blast) Justin G.
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Summary: CandleWolf!


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