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Published on September 23rd, 2016 | by Justin G.

Tango Down: Bulletproof

Bulletproof is a pretty apt name for the latest album from American hard rock band Tango Down. The band has been through a lot in recent years, not the least of which was parting ways with vocalist David Reece. The former Bangalore Choir frontman was a big part of Tango Down’s success on their last two albums, and while his departure was a shot, it certainly wasn’t a fatal one. Enter Chas West, a singer many of you might remember from Craig Goldy’s new band Resurrection Kings. West’s soulful and powerful vocals are perfect for Tango Down.

Bulletproof is the fifth album from Tango Down, and it holds to the overall style and approach of the previous four. It’s where melodic hard rock would have gone in say, 1995 or so, had the grunge scene not wiped that particular slate clean. The “hair metal” scene may be scorned today by all the cool kids, but the things those bands got right – namely big hooks, catchy melodies and songs that made you feel good – are just as effective today. And that’s exactly what you get here. Tango Down is making the albums that Warrant should be making, full of big, rocking anthems, infectious melodies and yes, a cheesy love song or two.

Tango Down is about as good as you’ve ever heard them here, with Scott Miller’s guitar work and Chaz West’s voice pairing extremely well. It also helps that they brought in a very talented array of songwriters for this album. It takes all of ten seconds to recognize melodic rockers “Give Me a Reason” and “Edge of Goodbye” as Jace Pawlak-penned tunes, and we also see rockers written (or co-written) by Eden’s Curse bassist Paul Logue as well as Jimi Bell and BJ Zampa of House of Lords/Maxx Explosion. Those three collaborated on the closing rocker “Broken Heart,” which is one of those perfect closers that make you immediately hit repeat rather than change the disc. And of course, Miller turns in some first rate rockers as well, like the rowdy leadoff track “Punching Bag” and upbeat “Anything Can Change,” which has some fantastic vocal harmonies.

Even if your favorite thing about the last two Tango Down albums was David Reece’s vocals, there is literally nothing disappointing about Bulletproof. The band plays this kind of melodic hard rock very well, and this is arguably their best album yet. And if you’re new to the band but dig the bands on the Frontiers label like Hardline, The Defiants and Resurrection Kings (or you still rock your old Warrant, Ratt and Von Groove CDs), you’re going to love what Tango Down is all about.

Label: Kivel Records

Where to get it: http://amzn.to/2cRGA0W


Tango Down: Bulletproof Justin G.
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Summary: There's a lot to love here (and it has a great cover too)


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