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Published on November 11th, 2017 | by Justin G.

Stan Bush: Change the World (L.A. Records)

One of the most distinctive voices in melodic rock is back with a new album. Change the World is the 13th album from Stan Bush, and continues his collaboration with guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Holger Fath and drummer Tom Walsh.

Stan Bush must have been reflecting on the past when he wrote this album. Not only does Change the World channel the same spirit as the early Stan Bush/Stan Bush and Barrage albums, but he revisits some of his biggest hits as well. As to the new material, songs like “Break These Chains,” “The Story of Love” and “Live Your Dream” are fantastic examples of how well Bush’s voice goes with classic style AOR songs, and could have come directly from 1985. That they’re so good is partially why it’s disappointing to see new versions of “Dare,” “The Touch” and “Never Surrender” here. Having a full album of new material, especially when what is here is so good, would have been more satisfying than yet another version of “The Touch.”

While I’d rather see a full album’s worth of new material, there is a lot to love here. Change the World is a great reminder of why Stan Bush is one of the best vocalists in melodic rock, and is an album that fans of his previous work are sure to enjoy. Fans of Survivor, Journey, Pride of Lions and Work of Art ought to check this one out as well.

Stan Bush: Change the World (L.A. Records) Justin G.
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Summary: This would have had a higher rating with more new material.


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