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Published on August 10th, 2016 | by Justin G.


Sinbreed: Master Creator

German power metal band Sinbreed is back with a new studio album, their third overall, titled Master Creator. The band, which features Blind Guardian drummer Frederik Ehmke and Avantasia/Beyond the Bridge vocalist Herbie Langhans, released a knockout album in 2014’s Shadows, and Master Creator picks up right where that album left off.

Sinbreed’s strengths are the high-speed, high-energy guitar work of Flo Laurin and Herbie Langhans’ rough, powerful vocals, and both are put to good use here. Master Creator is as fast and heavy as the previous Sinbreed albums, but it seems a bit more melodic this time around. More Iron Savior than Mystic Prophecy. Songs like “Last Survivor,” “Across a Great Divide” and especially the title track are really catchy metal anthems.

Master Creator may be the most accessible (and enjoyable) of the three Sinbreed albums. The songs hit hard and they stay with you after the album is done. If you prefer your power metal on the heavier side – think Savage Circus, Mystic Prophecy, Persuader, Brainstorm and Iron Savior, Sinbreed is a band you’ll want to discover, and Master Creator makes for a fantastic introduction.


Sinbreed: Master Creator Justin G.
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Summary: This is just a good, solid, heavy power metal album.


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