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Published on December 24th, 2016 | by Justin G.

Roth Brock Project: self-titled

Oh hey, it’s another Frontiers collaboration. This one features guitarist John Roth (Winger, Starship, Giant) alongside vocalist Terry Brock (Strangeways, Giant) and is titled…wait for it…Roth Brock Project. It’s easy to get jaded with so many projects like this coming out, but given the talent involved, you really can’t overlook this one.

Roth, who also handles bass, keys and backing vocals has proved his mettle on recent Winger albums, and Terry Brock has one of the biggest, most memorable voices in melodic rock. The two come together perfectly here. In terms of overall style, the Roth Brock Project debut sounds like it’s straight from 1990. It’s a big, hook-heavy melodic rock album with huge choruses and vocal harmonies. Think Warrant, Bon Jovi, Nelson and Europe. Actually, those bands should be taking a lesson or two from John Roth and Terry Brock here.

I’d normally list a few standout tracks here to give you an idea of what songs to sample before buying the album, but it’s pretty tough to pick and choose here since all twelve songs are first class. “Young Gun” and “What’s It To Ya” have the biggest Warrant vibe, while “Distant Voices” and “Young Again” are closer to Nelson and maybe Tyketto. Really though, just pick a song at random. Chances are you’ll be sold on the album in about a minute.

This is a very strong album, and is more than enough to make you wish this pairing will carry on as a proper band and not just be another “release it and forget about it” project. Roth and Brock have an incredible chemistry that’s reflected on each song on this album. Fans of either artist will love the Roth Brock Project, as should any fan of classic style melodic rock bands like Warrant, Tyketto, Giant, Bon Jovi (when they were good), Nelson and Von Groove.

Label: Frontiers


Roth Brock Project: self-titled Justin G.
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Summary: Yeah, this one's a winner.


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