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Published on May 14th, 2018 | by Justin G.

Perfect Plan: All Rise (Frontiers)

All Rise is the debut album from new Frontiers signing Perfect Plan. Not another studio project, Perfect Plan is an up and coming Swedish melodic rock band that’s following in the footsteps of bands like Treat, Work of Art and One Desire (and those are pretty big footsteps).

It’s always exciting to discover another new band that so obviously loves the classic melodic rock sound. Bands like Journey and Foreigner may be slowing down, but the young bands (in Sweden, at least) are ready to keep the flame burning. Perfect Plan has that ’80s arena rock influence as well as the energy of the newer wave of European melodic rock bands, so there’s a lot to love on All Rise. Hooks and melodies abound, and Kent Hilli’s vocals pack the kind of punch you normally only get from the likes of Danny Vaughn or Bigfoot’s Antony Ellis.

All Rise has the hooks, it has the groove, and it has huge energy. It also has some really catchy, really well-written songs that are performed and produced to perfection. If you can listen to songs like “In And Out Of Love,” “Too Late” and “What Can I Do” without nodding your head (and maybe dropping some sweet air guitar solos), you’re a tougher critic than I am. This is pure ear candy to me, and I’m guessing Perfect Plan will win over a lot of you as well.

Part Tyketto, part One Desire, Perfect Plan delivers one of the most impressive debuts since Bigfoot (and prior to that, One Desire). All Rise is an electrifying melodic rock album, and is a must-hear for fans of Tyketto, Bigfoot, H.E.A.T, Work of Art, One Desire and W.E.T.

Perfect Plan: All Rise (Frontiers) Justin G.
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Summary: This is a very strong melodic rock debut


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