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Published on September 2nd, 2019 | by Justin G.

N.M.E: The End Of Innocence (Divebomb, 2019)

Since relocating to Pittsburgh, the Divebomb label has been on a hot streak in getting that scene’s early heavy metal material back into fans’ hands. They started with 313 earlier this year, and now have the first ever CD release from cult classic band N.M.E, a band that had a series of demos in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s and featured former Axtion members (and future Trouble members).

N.M.E’s sound is straightforward, no-frills heavy metal. Think early Savage Grace, Witchkiller, Powersurge and maybe a bit of Malice. Hard-charging riffs, headbanging rhythms, and shout-along choruses, all with that classic Maiden/Priest/Motorhead/Accept attitude.

The N.M.E collection is called The End Of Innocence, and it features 12 vintage demo recordings, all newly remastered. It focuses on the band’s ‘80s demos, especially their 1988 “promo” tape. The material has been cleaned up as much as possible, and sounds consistently good considering the age of the source material. It also features a thick booklet loaded with lyrics, tons of vintage photos and a brand new band interview, so it looks as good as it sounds.

The End Of Innocence is a very well put-together collection of vintage ‘80s heavy metal. It’s obviously going to be of most interest to old school N.M.E fans from the Pittsburgh scene, but serious fans and collectors of cult heavy metal ought to get their hands on this one as well. Just do it quick; it’s limited to 500 copies.

N.M.E: The End Of Innocence (Divebomb, 2019) Justin G.
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Summary: Another killer collection of vintage Steel City heavy metal


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