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Published on May 27th, 2017 | by Justin G.

Masters of Metal Vol. 5 (Divebomb)

The Divebomb label’s Masters of Metal series, which puts overlooked metal demos on CD for the first time, is back with three new installments to shine a light on some exciting bands that may have escaped our attention the first time around.

Masters of Metal Vol. 5 showcases four bands: Satan’s Hallow, Ariete, Terrifier and Tiger Fight. Here’s what it includes:

Satan’s Hallow – This Chicago-based traditional heavy metal band features a female vocalist, so it’s hard not to think of Warlock. There’s an early Priest and NWOBHM vibe as well. We only get two songs from them (their 2015 The Horror/Satan’s Hallow single), but that ought to be enough to get people to buy the band’s recently-released full-length debut.

Ariete – The Spanish traditional metal band’s 6-song 2016 Asedio EP is included here. This is speedy, old school metal that reminds me a bit of Raven. Lyrics are almost all in Spanish, and the vocals aren’t the strongest, but overall this is a fun EP.

Terrifier – Previously known as Skull Hammer, this Canadian thrash metal band is represented by their 3-song 2013 Metal or Death EP. It’s high-speed, gruff-singing, poser-slaying (yeah, yeah, I know) thrash metal that’s somewhere between Exciter and Lost Society. Like getting punched in the face with awesome.

Tiger Fight – Another Chicago band rounds out this volume. Tiger Fight features members of Moros Nyx and Satan’s Hallow. Their 3-song 2016 demo Tigers Fight at Midnight is included here. It’s extra-cheesy NWOBHM-style metal that is probably harmed more than helped by the vocals. I just couldn’t get excited about this one.

This one is a bit more hit-and-miss than previous Masters of Metal installments, but it introduced me to Satan’s Hallow and Terrifier, so overall I’m satisfied. And it’s not like I was going to have an incomplete collection of this great series.

Masters of Metal Vol. 5 (Divebomb) Justin G.
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Summary: Hit and miss, but still worthwhile.


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