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Published on May 6th, 2017 | by Justin G.

Masters of Metal Vol. 3 (Divebomb)

The Divebomb label’s Masters of Metal series, which puts overlooked metal demos on CD for the first time, is back with three new installments to shine a light on some exciting bands that may have escaped our attention the first time around.

Masters of Metal Vol. 3 showcases four bands: Hellstorm’s Hell on Earth, Deathinition, Sanctifyre and Weaponlord. Here’s what it includes:

Hellstorm’s Hell on Earth – This high-speed, high-energy traditional metal band was formed by October 31/Final Sign guitarist Brian “Hellstorm” Williams. They released a 5-song EP titled Unleashed in 2008, which is included here. If you’re a fan of Williams’s later Final Sign work, this will be a very satisfying discovery. He shreds all over these songs, and Rick Wilde’s Halford-esque vocals are a perfect match.

Deathinition – This Polish thrash metal band’s 2013 EP Art of Manipulation is included here. This is very classic-sounding thrash with a Testament/Forbidden vibe. They have killer riffs with just enough melody, and a gruff vocal delivery.

Sanctifyre – We get the 2-song 2015 release Wasteland Warriors from this Oregon-based metal band. We only get a taste of their sound, but they make a big impression with their blazing guitars and high-pitched vocals. If Cloven Hoof were a speed metal band, they might sound like this.

Weaponlord – Seattle’s Weaponlord close out this set with their 2016 self-titled demo. This is yet another high-speed heavy metal release, but it has a US power metal feel as well. They’re in the same general league as Holy Grail and Spellcaster. Polished and powerful, but with real intensity, this is a band with a ton of potential.

This is another first-class collection of overlooked heavy metal from the Divebomb camp. Masters of Metal Vol. 3 traces the roots of a recent Divebomb favorite as well as introducing three very promising new acts. If you’re looking to discover the best metal from the underground, this series is a great asset.


Masters of Metal Vol. 3 (Divebomb) Justin G.
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