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Published on August 10th, 2016 | by Justin G.


MarysCreek: Infinity

Swedish hard rock/heavy metal band MarysCreek returned this year with a new studio album, titled Infinity. It’s their second full-length album, coming a full nine years after their last one (2007’s Some Kind of Hate). The band plays a kind of heavy modern metal with a very Swedish sense of melody.

Infinity is a very interesting album in that it works on a couple of different levels. The first, most obvious way is through its sheer heaviness. It has a satisfying crunch and totally metallic vibe that’s closer to some of the modern American metal bands. That heavy guitar work pairs very well with Mats Nilsson’s strong, powerful vocals. It’s also a surprisingly melodic album. It’s catchy, but not in a poppy kind of way. The melodies kind of sneak in under the crushing rhythms, but once they get their hooks in you there’s no point resisting.

It’s hard to come up with a good comparison to MarysCreek. Degreed if they were a lot heavier? Soilwork if they recorded a melodic hard rock album? Actually, the now defunct Fatal Smile comes pretty close. They’ve got a fairly unique, very enjoyable mix of sounds that fans of melodic hard rock and metal really ought to experience for themselves.


MarysCreek: Infinity Justin G.
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Summary: This is an interesting blend of melodic hard rock and modern metal.


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