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Published on December 3rd, 2017 | by Justin G.

Kryptonite: self-titled (Frontiers)

Yeah it’s another Frontiers “factory” release and yeah I’m kind of burned out on them, but when they get it right, I have to give them credit. And they definitely got it right with Kryptonite. This project features vocalist Jakob Samuels (The Poodles), keyboardist/producrer Alessandro Del Vecchio (because of course it does), bassist Pontus Egberg (Treat, ex-The Poodles), guitarist Michael Palace (Palace) and drummer Robban Back (Mustasch, ex-Eclipse). Come on, how do you not at least check that out.

So the project is called Kryptonite, and so is their debut album, which has some fun cover art that’s a welcome step away from Frontiers’ usual “sunrise and eagles” themes. The music, unsurprisingly given Samuels and Egberg’s presence, sounds a lot like The Poodles, minus some of that band’s quirkiness. And it’s really good, in the best (mostly) Swedish melodic rock kind of way. I love Samuels’ vocal style (it reminds me of the late Steve Lee), and he brings such presence and character to this release, and Del Vecchio’s songwriting catches him at his best. Likewise with Palace, whose melodies and hooks are just fantastic.

Kryptonite is loaded with upbeat rockers and (of course) the occasional ballad, and they’re all really catchy and really fun songs. “This Is the Moment,” “One Soul” and “Chasing Fire” are my favorite tracks, but there’s no filler here at all.

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to check this out. Kryptonite is 75% The Poodles, 25% Treat and 100% awesome. It’s a must-have album for fans of any of the musicians involved, and for fans of bands like Treat, The Poodles, Palace, Gotthard, Eclipse, Revolution Saints and melodic rock in general.


Kryptonite: self-titled (Frontiers) Justin G.
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Summary: The "factory" got it right big time with this one.


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