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Johnny Lima Reissues due in 2017 on the MelodicRock Label

MelodicRock Records is pleased to announce another blast from the past, partnering with the one and only JOHNNY LIMA to reissue his long out of print self-titled debut (1996) album and the similarly out of print Made In California (2003). The albums will be issued on a double disc jewel case with deluxe slipcover limited edition package, and will include bonus tracks!

The 2-disc set will retail for $25 (including shipping) and is strictly limited to 500 units worldwide. Pre-order information can be found here.

DISC ONE: JOHNNY LIMA (Original Debut Release; Remastered)

01. Never Gonna Let U Go
02. Little Runaway
03. Here for You
04. Rock ‘N Roll River
05. Crazy
06. If I Had a Heart
07. Speak of the Devil
08. Another Lonely Day
09. Something’s Gotta Change
10. Into Your Arms
11. Reckless Heart
12. Fly Angel
13. Fire Of Love (Bonus Track)
14. Drift Away (Bonus Track)


01. Made in California
02. Best Night of My Life
03. The Chosen One
04. Go On, Go Away
05. We’ve Got Tonight
06. Another Girl
07. Help
08. Love Ain’t Enough
09. Something About You
10. Where Are You Now
11. Welcome to My Paradise
12. Rock N Roll Generation (Bonus Track)
13. She Gets Around (Bonus Track)
Whoever said “Rock is Dead!” obviously forgot to mention its demise to Johnny Lima.
Born to Portuguese immigrants in a small town in central California, Lima got his first taste of Rock ‘N Roll at the tender age of four, when his parents let him stay up late one night to catch KISS on a TV show. Little did they know that it was that one band, on that one TV show, that would convince their child that all he was meant to do in his life was to Rock ‘N Roll All Night. After many years of “playing” to his favorite KISS records with a tennis racket, his parents finally gave in and bought him his first guitar, eight years later at age 12.
“I was too impatient to ‘learn’ the guitar the proper way. I wanted to get down to writing songs the minute I picked up the guitar for the first time” said Lima. “And I’m glad that was the approach I took. To this day, I still meet guitar players that blow me away with their technique, but they can’t write a song to save their life. Writing songs is how you make money in this business — not playing guitar solos.”

A few years later, Lima took his acquired songwriting and vocal talents north to the San Francisco Bay Area in search of the ultimate rock band. After fronting a couple of popular local Bay Area bands, that didn’t amount to much outside of the Bay, Johnny decided it was time to take it to the next level. By doing so, he’d have to do it alone. After spending a few years on his own honing his songwriting skills, Johnny entered the studio to record his debut solo album with money his parents gave him. In 1996 his debut album was independently released worldwide. A brave move, considering the musical climate had changed drastically and any rock music with hooks and melody was now out of fashion with the mainstream.

However, it was an album that over 10 years later would command upwards of $80 on eBay since it was out of print only two years after its release. Although the music business wasn’t kind to him in his own backyard, across the Atlantic, Lima’s style of music was still respected and garnered the attention of many independent labels in Europe, those hell bent on keeping melodic rock alive. Lima’s music caught the attention of Now and Then Productions in England, who signed him to a production deal in 1998. A year later, the follow-up to his debut album, Shine On, was released by Italy’s Frontiers Records. The album earned rave reviews all over the world, including a perfect score in Scream Magazine (Norway) and Majestic Magazine (Holland).

Lima was also invited to perform at the annual Gods of AOR show in England in 1999 and 2000. On his return from England in 2000, Johnny wasted no time and began writing music for his third album that was scheduled to be released in 2001. Little did he know that 2001 was going to be a very important year in his personal life, and that music would take a backseat for the first time. Lima married his longtime girlfriend Cara in 2001 and in December they welcomed the birth of their son, Ashton.
Made in California wouldn’t see the light of day until 2003. Released by Frontiers Records, Made in California was an album that showcased Lima’s knack for big hooks, big vocals, and was the perfect soundtrack to any rock fan’s summer. It was also the last album Lima would record for Now and Then Productions and Frontiers Records. During this time, Lima’s debut album from 1996 was becoming a much sought after album amongst rock fans and therefore harder than ever to find.

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