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Published on October 29th, 2017 | by Justin G.

Ironflame: Lightning Strikes the Crown (Divebomb)

I love the fact that in recent years the U.S. power metal scene has done so well. There’s an increasing number of really good bands coming out that have a distinctive, and totally energized, take on the whole power metal sound. The latest band that’s been burning up my speakers is Ohio-based Ironflame. It’s actually a one-man project from Andrew D’Cagna (Codlfells, Dofka), who handles literally everything except a few guest guitar solos, which are provided by the likes of Jim Dofka and Justin Wood (Necromancing the Stone).

Lightning Strikes the Crown is Ironflame’s debut album, and as you might expect it has a strong old school heavy metal vibe, drawing inspiration from the classic Maiden/Priest/Helloween sound. There’s a bit of Riot in there as well. It’s hard hitting, melodic without that sing-songy European approach, and the lyrics are appropriately epic. Ironflame works best on the headbanging odes to creatures of the night like “The Gorgon” and “Eternal Night,” but you can’t deny the rousing power of anthems like “Heavy Metal Warriors” (cheesy, but awesome) and “Fighting Onward.” D’Cagna’s vocals are perfect for this kind of power metal, and his musicianship is rock-solid as well.

Lightning Strikes the Crown is just a really fun, totally enjoyable blast of U.S. power metal that is sure to please fans of the classics as well as fans of more recent bands like Night Demon, Walpyrgus, Helion Prime and Holy Grail. That fact that it’s just one guy putting this whole thing together makes it even more impressive. Warriors of metal, raise your swords (and open your wallets) for Ironflame!

Note: Lightning Strikes the Crown was originally released on LP earlier this year. Divebomb Records gave us a proper CD release more recently, adding two additional songs.

Ironflame: Lightning Strikes the Crown (Divebomb) Justin G.
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Summary: Just a really well-executed US power metal album.


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