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Published on April 25th, 2020 | by Justin G.

Ironflame: Blood Red Victory (Divebomb, 2020)

More and more in recent years the most exciting power metal albums have come from American bands. Bands like Helion Prime, Judicator, Dire Peril and Ironflame have picked up the torch from the European bands and put their own mark on the power metal sound. Ironflame is – in the studio at least – a one-man band, the creation of Andrew D’Cagna (who also fronts Icarus Witch). The latest Ironflame album, their third to date, is titled Blood Red Victory, and like the two that came before it it’s a triumph.

The overall Ironflame sound is part power metal, part traditional heavy metal, and all electrifying. Like Hammerfall playing Visigoth songs, but even more fun than that sounds. The riffs are killer, the melodies are pure gold and D’Cagna has great power and range. He has a great sense of storytelling in his vocal approach that makes you think of classic Dio and Iron Maiden songs, especially on tracks like the blistering opener “Gates Of Evermore” and “The Night Queen.”

Blood Red Victory doesn’t mess around. The album has eight songs and totals just over 40 minutes, and there’s not a moment of filler to be found. It’s all high-energy, highly melodic heavy metal. “Seekers Of The Blade,” “Grace And Valor” and “Honor Bound” all have a powerful “raise your banners for metal” anthemic feel, but the whole album gets you pumped up and ready to do battle. The CD version of Blood Red Victory adds another pair of songs – “The Serpent And The Throne” (which sounds a bit like Bruce Dickinson solo material) and “Horns Held High” (which is destined to be a live show staple).

Ironflame is the perfect combination of US power metal and traditional heavy metal, and with each album they keep getting better. Blood Red Victory is a must-have for fans of Twisted Tower Dire, Riot V, Visigoth, Judicator, Helion Prime, Hammerfall, and D’Cagna’s work with Icarus Witch. It’s also one of the best power metal albums you’ll hear all year.

Ironflame: Blood Red Victory (Divebomb, 2020) Justin G.
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Summary: US power metal supremacy


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