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Published on September 21st, 2019 | by Justin G.

Hollow Haze: Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas (Frontiers, 2019)

Italian progressive/power metal band Hollow Haze has been resurrected this year with a (mostly) new lineup, a new label and even a new sound. This time out, founding guitarist Nick Savio and returning bassist Dave Cestaro are joined by Arthemis members Paolo Caridi on drums and vocalist Fabio Dessi. Their first album on the Frontiers label (and seventh overall) is called Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas.

Hollow Haze has always had something of a “middle of the road” progressive/power metal sound. Never too technical and never too cheesy. That’s still a big part of their sound, but there’s a more accessible, more melodic metal feel to Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas. Like a less depressing Seventh Wonder or a less boring Sonata Arctica. Fabio D. has a great vocal presence, and is a huge part of what makes this album so memorable. His power and warmth paired with Savio’s riffs and melodies and just the right amount of symphonic keyboard elements is a great combination, especially once you factor in Jacob Hansen’s mastering and Simone Mularoni’s mixing. The whole thing goes down smooth and leaves you wanting to go back to the beginning and play the album again.

“Oblivion” and “Destinations” are the singles from Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas, and they’re definitely highlights. “Through Space And Time” is another favorite, and one that will have you wishing Sonata Arctica sounded this good. “You Are My End And My Beginning” is another favorite, with its simple melodic rock love song style and very catchy melodies.

Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas is a very satisfying melodic metal album that manages to stand out in the crowd. If you’re already a Hollow Haze fan, you already know you need to hear this album. And if you’re new to the band, you’re in for a real treat. Fans of Pretty Maids, Seventh Wonder, Sonata Arctica, Masterplan and any of Magnus Karlsson’s projects ought to love what Hollow Haze has done here.

Hollow Haze: Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas (Frontiers, 2019) Justin G.
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Summary: Very satisfying melodic metal


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