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Published on October 14th, 2017 | by Justin G.

Hell in the Club: See You On the Dark Side (Frontiers)

Italian melodic rockers Hell in the Club are back with a new album, their fourth, titled See You On the Dark Side, and have a new label (Frontiers) to go with it. Hell in the Club is a side project of sorts, featuring bassist Andrea Buratto of Secret Sphere and vocalist Davide (Damna) Moras of Elvenking. DGM guitarist (and Frontiers “go-to” guy) Simone Mularoni is on hand to produce/mix/master the album.

It’s funny just how well a bunch of power metal guys take to the whole party rock sound, but that’s what the Hell in the Club sound is all about. Think Crashdiet and Jettblack plus newer Santa Cruz (minus the gratuitous f-bombs). This is ridiculously catchy, completely upbeat party rock that’s loaded with hooks and that manages to balance a classic ’80s hard rock sound with a modern energy. If you only know Damna from Elvenking, See You On the Dark Side is going to knock you on your ass. It rocks like a hurricane and parties like it’s 19(8)9, and the lyrics are surprisingly clever for this kind of album. Your highlights here are “The Phantom Punch,” “I Want to Swing Like Peter Parker” and “Melody, Memory,” but the whole album is one big party.

There ought to be warning labels for albums that are this much fun. Hell in the Club has really outdone themselves this time. See You On the Dark Side is their best effort to date, and is the perfect album for newcomers to discover the band. If high-energy melodic hard rock is your thing, especially bands like Crashdiet, Santa Cruz, Jettblack and H.E.A.T, this is an album you do not want to miss.

Hell in the Club: See You On the Dark Side (Frontiers) Justin G.
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Summary: When power metal dudes make party rock


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