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Published on September 1st, 2016 | by Justin G.

Helion Prime: self-titled

California-based power metal band Helion Prime made their debut earlier this year with this self-titled album. Originally self-released, and now with a wider release on the Divebomb label, Helion Prime’s debut is a bold statement by a band with plenty of potential.

So the condensed summary of Helion Prime’s sound is “US power metal with female vocals,” but that doesn’t really do this album justice. For one thing, all of the songs on this album are based on science fiction, if not straight-up science. The classic pulp-style album cover probably gave that away, but this is seriously the most sci-fi inspired album that isn’t a Slough Feg disc. They also go beyond what you’d normally call the boundaries of power metal (i.e. not relying on sing-song melodies like the European bands), but that seems to be a trend with American power metal bands. The end result is a science fiction-obsessed band that delivers razor-sharp riffs, power and melody in equal measure, and some very impressive vocals. Heather Michele gives a forceful performance without simply shouting the lyrics, and shows plenty of power and range. The layered backing vocals are also impressive.

Standout tracks on the Helion Prime debut include “The Drake Equation,” which perfectly sets the tone of the album, the thrashing “You Keep What You Kill” and the epic closer “Live and Die on This Day,” but the whole album is strong. It’s another great example of why the US power metal scene is one of the most exciting things in metal right now. If you’re into bands like Judicator, A Sound of Thunder, Mindmaze, Slough Feg and Seven Kingdoms, you’ll want to get your hands on this Helion Prime album.

Label: Divebomb

Website: http://www.helionprimemetal.com/

Where to buy: http://amzn.to/2bCUClg


Helion Prime: self-titled Justin G.
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Summary: US power metal is taking over!


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