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Published on December 19th, 2018 | by Justin G.

Hearts On Fire: Call of Destiny (MelodicRock)

The MelodicRock label has been on fire (pun maybe intended) with new bands lately. Their latest newcomer is Hearts On Fire, which features guitarist Jean Funes (Sound of Eternity), vocalist Richard Andermyr (Rian) and drummer Joel Mejia, as well as guest appearances by Eric Ragno and Dennis Ward (who also mixed and mastered the album). The debut Hearts On Fire album is titled Call of Destiny, and it’s a winner.

It’s apparent right from the start that Hearts On Fire is a band with a deep appreciation for the classic melodic rock sound. Think Giant, Hardline, House of Lords, Bad English and the like. That appreciation colors Call of Destiny in a big way, which means we get great melodies, earnest vocals, unapologetic love songs and that classic late ’80s/early ’90s vibe. The songs are very well written, capturing that classic style without being derivative, and Andermyr’s vocals are so perfect for this kind of music. He provides the heart and emotion to go with Funes’ deft melodies and solos worthy of Neal Schon, and the result is undeniable.

Sure, these days it’s not exactly rare to find a new band that takes its cues from the ’80s melodic rock scene, but finding a new band that does this kind of music so authentically is pretty special. Listening to Call of Destiny is like listening to one of those 1989 cassettes again. Check out “Holding On,” “Lonely Eyes” or “Lost In Paradise” if you’re skeptical. “Falling Into You” is another winner with a very catchy chorus, but the whole album shows that Hearts On Fire does this kind of music very, very well.

Hearts On Fire gets pretty much everything right with Call of Destiny. This is an album that just about any fan of the classic melodic rock sound will love. The musicianship is superb, the vocals are moving, the production is pristine and most importantly the songwriting captures what made this kind of music so enduring. If you’re an old school melodic rock fan (or even if you just dig the new bands like Palace, Vega and Work of Art), this is a must-hear album.

Hearts On Fire: Call of Destiny (MelodicRock) Justin G.
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Summary: Old school melodic rock done right


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