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Published on October 22nd, 2017 | by Justin G.

Gross Reality: Escaping Gravity (Divebomb)

North Carolina-based thrashers Gross Reality have a new album out, their second to date, titled Escaping Gravity. Now this is a band that was originally active in the ‘90s, but recently reformed, so their sound is both classic and modern.

On Escaping Gravity, Gross Reality pairs their classic thrash metal riffing and well-placed melodies with a more adventurous, almost progressive approach. The result is an album that brings to mind Testament and Powermad plus Havok and the progressive weirdness of Alchemist. Part of that is the heavy sci-fi focus of the lyrics, but the overall atmosphere (plus Daniel Powell’s vocal style) on Escaping Gravity is really unique and otherworldly. The band isn’t content to color within the same old thrash lines here, and that pays off in a big way.

I enjoyed Gross Reality’s debut album (2014’s Overthrow), but they really leveled-up with this unique and unforgettable album. Highlights on Escaping Gravity include “Dimensional,” “Event Horizon” and the title track, but you won’t find a single weak moment on this disc.

There have been several impressive thrash albums this year, but for my money this is the best, most interesting thrash album of 2017. Nothing else sounds quite like this. If you’re into thrash metal that pushes the boundaries, and especially if you like sci-fi oriented heavy metal, Escaping Gravity is a must-have release.

Gross Reality: Escaping Gravity (Divebomb) Justin G.
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Summary: This is my favorite thrash album of 2017


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