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Published on May 14th, 2019 | by Justin G.

Fortune: II (Frontiers, 2019)

Can it be, the return of ’80s AOR band Fortune after a 34 year absence? This was a very unexpected, and very welcome, development. 1985’s Fortune is an absolute AOR classic, right up there with Aviator and Van Zant, so hearing more from this classic band is a very good thing. Especially since the main part of the classic lineup (guitarist Richard Fortune, drummer Mick Fortune and singer Larry Greene) are present here. The new album is titled, simply enough, II.

II reminds me a lot of Boulevard’s comeback album Luminescence. The band clearly respects where they came from, but the extra decades influence the album’s sound as well, and in a good way. They’re better at their craft and their experience brings a maturity to the songwriting and lyrics. This is a soulful, polished AOR album that carries on the classic Fortune sound and also brings to mind the likes of Asia, Dare, Survivor, Balance and of course Boulevard. It’s also one of those albums that is really strong front to back, but if you’re looking to sample a track or two to see what Fortune is all about, “Don’t Say You Love Me,” “What A Fool I’ve Been” and “Heart Of Stone” should get the job done.

II is an album where everything just seems to come together perfectly. The songs are very catchy and very memorable, with a classic AOR vibe throughout. The musicianship and production are first rate, and Larry Greene’s vocals are so damned smooth. That’s a voice that has aged very well. Fortune’s comeback is a real treat for classic AOR fans. And fans of the new breed – think Houston, Lionville and the like – really need to discover this underrated band.

PS – It’s a shame Frontiers didn’t/couldn’t reissue the debut Fortune album to coincide with this release. That one is impossible to find on CD.

Fortune: II (Frontiers, 2019) Justin G.
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Summary: This AOR comeback is everyone's good fortune


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