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Published on August 10th, 2016 | by Justin G.


Find Me: Dark Angel

Melodic rock project Find Me, the collaboration between keyboardist/drummer Daniel Flores (The Murder of My Sweet, Seventh Key) and vocalist Robbie LaBlanc (Blanc Faces) helped close out 2015 with a new album. Dark Angel is the duo’s second outing, and they’re joined by guitarist/bassist Philip Lindstrand and keyboardist Soren Kronkvist (Sunstorm). Flores gets a songwriting assist from Alessandro Del Vecchio (Voodoo Circle) and Tom and James Martin (Vega).

As with their 2013 debut Wings of Love, you can count on another serving of high quality, highly polished melodic rock on Dark Angel. Robbie LaBlanc’s huge vocals once again steal the show, bringing to mind AOR heroes like Jimi Jamison and Lou Gramm, and the songs are written to take full advantage of his talent. They’re all coming from that classic ’80s AOR foundation, full of catchy melodies, lush keyboards and endless messages of love. “Nowhere To Hide,” “Another Day” (which features a guest appearance by Angelica Rylin) and “Midnight Memories” are all good examples of the Find Me sound.

Like more than a few projects Frontiers has cranked out over the years, Find Me suffers a bit from “assembly line syndrome.” They’re not a proper band with their own identity, and the songs on Dark Angel could just as easily have shown up on a Three Lions, Vega, Bailey or LRS album. It doesn’t make the songs any less fun, or discount the incredible vocals we get here, but it does make Dark Angel seem somewhat disposable.

If you loved the first Find Me album, you’re going to love Dark Angel. It’s a very solid, very enjoyable melodic rock album that’s going to appeal to the dedicated fans of these various Frontiers projects. It’s not a “top shelf” album like the average Eclipse, H.E.A.T or Brother Firetribe release, but it’s still fun, if for no other reason than to hear Robbie LaBlanc doing his thing.

Find Me

Find Me: Dark Angel Justin G.
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Summary: Yes it's another formulaic "Frontiers Factory" release, but you have to admit the formula works.


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