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Published on December 24th, 2016 | by Justin G.

Existance: Breaking the Rock

French traditional heavy metal band Existance is back with a new album, their second, called Breaking the Rock. You don’t often consider France when you’re thinking of kickass old school heavy metal bands. I suppose that was true back in the ‘80s when Existance singer/guitarist Julian Izard’s father was singing for H-Bomb.

Existance is more or less the French equivalent of Enforcer, but with vocals closer to Twisted Tower Dire and a good dose of melodic hard rock mixed in with the headbanging riffs. Striker, Widow and Spellcaster also come to mind. Breaking the Rock is a really simple, really straightforward and really fun album, full of high speed (and melodic) anthems about rocking and love and, um…loving to rock. And heavy metal fury because metal that’s why! Izard has a very memorable vocal style and an impressive range, and the guitar work here is as flashy as you would hope for.

There’s never a bad time for songs like “Heavy Metal Fury,” “Sinner of Love” and the killer closing anthem “Breaking the Rock.” Existance knows what was great about the ‘80s heavy metal sound, and that comes through loud and clear on Breaking the Rock.

If you’re a fan of the more melodic traditional metal bands, like Enforcer, Widow, Twisted Tower Dire, Striker, White Wizzard and Spellcaster, or even just the classic bands like Iron Maiden and Dio, Breaking the Rock is an album you’ll want to hear.

Label: Black Viper


Existance: Breaking the Rock Justin G.
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Summary: Another fine old school heavy metal album


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