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Published on August 10th, 2016 | by Justin G.


Eric Martin Band: Sucker For a Pretty Face

Originally released in 1983, Sucker for a Pretty Face was the debut album from the Eric Martin Band. Martin, of course, is better known for his work in Mr. Big, but he had a memorable solo career before joining that band.

Eric Martin’s early solo work actually reminds me quite a bit of his future bandmate Billy Sheehan’s early work in Talas. It’s rock, but a very radio-friendly, pop-oriented kind of rock on par with bands like April Wine, John Waite and Journey. It’s very melodic, there are plenty of keyboards, and Eric Martin of course sounds terrific. There just isn’t much “punch” to these songs – there’s no “Addicted to that Rush” here. Still, I’m a big fan of the `80s AOR sound, and really enjoyed this one.

Fans of Martin’s work in Mr. Big will probably get the most out of this one, but I’d also recommend Sucker for a Pretty Face to anyone who still enjoys the pre-hair metal `80s rock sound, whether you call it melodic rock, pop/rock, AOR or arena rock. It’s not an essential album, but it’s a good one, especially now that it has been reissued.

Reissue Notes: Rock Candy reissued Sucker for a Pretty Face in 2016, giving it a digital remastering for the first time, and including an ill-advised cover of “Stop in the Name of Love” and three bonus live tracks. I’m not sure why, but they left off the remaining three live tracks that appeared on the earlier Wounded Bird reissue of the album. It also has a nice extended booklet with vintage photos and a band history/interview. You get fewer tracks, but this reissue looks and sounds a lot better than the previous one, so serious fans will probably want to upgrade. I know I did.


Eric Martin Band: Sucker For a Pretty Face Justin G.
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Summary: Between the remastering and the expanded liner notes, this is a worthwhile upgrade, even if you already bought the previous Wounded Bird reissue.


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