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Published on April 25th, 2020 | by Justin G.

Dynazty: The Dark Delight (AFM, 2020)

I suppose it was inevitable. Swedish metal band Dynazty has completed their move to pop-metal territory by joining forces with Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Pretty Maids) to mix and master their latest album The Dark Delight. The term “pop metal” is far from an insult. I love what Dynazty has done since moving from their early sleaze rock sound to their more recent melodic metal sound, and this latest album is another case of the band shifting in the right direction.

The Dark Delight takes the already excellent foundation Dynazty had going on their last three albums (most recently 2018’s Firesign), and adds more prominent keyboards and almost industrial/symphonic intros that make the songs demand immediate attention. They’re very reminiscent of early Amaranthe, which of course now features Dynazty frontman Nils Molin. Speaking of Amaranthe, their growler Henrik Englund lends his talents to the song “From Sound To Silence,” which is fun. There’s also a Beast In Black vibe to this album in the way the super-heavy rhythms are matched with super-catchy melodies that make you want to have a heavy metal dance party. Wait, did I say that last part out loud?

You know those albums that take a couple of spins to grow on you? The Dark Delight isn’t one of them. Every single song here grabs you from the very first seconds and sticks in your head when the album is done. “Hologram” and “Waterfall” are fantastic melodic rockers, “Presence Of Mind” and “From Sound To Silence” will get heads banging, and “Threading The Needle” sounds like something off the latest Within Temptation album. I could unpack all of the songs on this one, as they all have something to love.

If you like what the band has done since Renatus, and you’re a fan of bands like CyHra, Amaranthe and Kissin’ Dynamite, you’re going to love what Dynazty has done here. The Dark Delight should also thrill fans of Beast In Black, Battle Beast and The Dark Element. The album has fantastic melodies, world class vocals, that signature Jacob Hansen finishing touch, and great crossover appeal for fans of melodic hard rock, pop metal and even power metal. It’s a lock for the Best of 2020 list.

Dynazty: The Dark Delight (AFM, 2020) Justin G.
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