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Published on October 24th, 2018 | by Justin G.

Dynazty: Firesign (AFM)

Oh hell yes, we have a new Dynazty album. The Swedish band’s evolution from polished sleaze rock to hard-hitting (yet still polished) melodic metal was such a great move, and their albums since then have been nothing short of electrifying. Firesign is the band’s third album since making that change, and sixth overall. It’s also their first release since signing to the AFM label, which is the perfect home for a band like this.

With Firesign, Dynazty continues on the very catchy, satisfyingly heavy, not quite power metal but pretty damned close, metal sound they did so well on Renatus and Titanic Mass. Keyboards are very prominent on this one, as are huge backing vocals that augment singer Nils Molin’s already titanic vocal presence. The melodies are beyond infectious, and the rhythms pack a serious punch. It’s like a less poppy Amaranthe album (which is fitting given Molin’s new role in that band) or a more metallic CyHra.

If there’s a downside here, it’s that the songs on Firesign don’t quite jump out individually the way the tracks on Renatus did. After a couple of spins though, you realize that these songs have a stealthy way of slipping into your subconscious. Leadoff single “Breathe With Me” sets the album’s tone perfectly, and songs like “Ascension” and the monster title track are total “greatest hits” material. Towards the end of the album, “Starfall” is another major highlight. The whole album is really strong though.

I suppose you could throw the “more of the same” argument against the band here, but that’s only a bad thing when “the same” isn’t as exciting as what Dynazty has given us in recent years. Dynazty has carved out their own territory between melodic rock, power metal and even pop metal, and they’re doing it with fantastic style and killer songs. If you like what the band has done since Renatus, chances are you’ll like Firesign as well. And if you’re a fan of bands like CyHra, Amaranthe and Kissin’ Dynamite, you definitely need some Dynazty in your life.

Dynazty: Firesign (AFM) Justin G.
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Summary: Not the same instant impact, but it still leaves its mark


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