Published on October 13th, 2016 | by Justin G.

Divebomb Records Announce New “Masters of Metal” Series

Divebomb Records is excited to present their brand new Masters Of Metal series, devised as a new twist on that bygone era when top-shelf metal compilations were in high demand—be it Metal Blade’s longstanding Metal Massacre, New Renaissance’s Speed Metal Hell, Roadrunner with Stars on Thrash, or Under One Flag’s Speed Kills—all of which provided a great avenue of exposure for both established and up-and-coming artists alike. Rather than highlighting single tracks, however, Divebomb Records has decided to compile complete demos and/or extended play releases onto these limited CD-only collections.

The first two volumes are due out in November. Masters Of Metal: Volume 1 puts forth Crypt Sermon’s (Philadelphia, PA) epic doom, the fist-pumping traditional heavy metal of RIOT CITY (Alberta, CAN), Hellrazor’s (Raleigh, NC) hook-laden thrash, and the twin-guitar-centric melodic metal of Old Wolf (Somerset, KY).

Masters Of Metal: Volume 2 then sheds light on Blazing Rust‘s (Saint Petersburg, RUS) soaring metal force, the King Diamond-esque approach of Carriage (Portsmouth, VA), Oath of Woe‘s (Aarhus, DEN) classic take on somber doom metal, and the impressively unique songwriting chops of Warlok (Springfield, OR).

Each volume’s thick, 16-page, full-color booklet is emblazoned with classic emblem artwork by Steven Cobb; and despite being a compilation series, every band is fully represented within—displaying the original cover art for each release, as well as lyrics, photographs, etc. Masters Of Metal provides yet another means for Divebomb Records to focus their passion for quality in order to champion metal acts that are out there raging today…as always: for the fans, by the fans!

Both titles are available for pre-ordering in the store now.

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