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Published on January 30th, 2021 | by Justin G.

Creye: II (Frontiers, 2021)

Swedish melodic rockers Creye are back with a new album and a new frontman. New singer August Rauer joined the band shortly after their self-titled debut was released in 2018, and fits right in on the band’s second album, the appropriately-titled II.

Creye is one of those bands (and wouldn’t you know they all seem to come from Sweden) that burst onto the scene with a near-perfect sound right from the start, and they’ve only gotten better with II. This is absolute prime AOR/melodic rock. It’s ultra-catchy, ultra-polished, and full of extremely memorable songs. Think early H.E.A.T (their lighter songs at least) plus newer Work Of Art, and throw in some Art Nation and One Desire for good measure. Rauer has a huge vocal presence and he adds warmth and depth to the very effective melodies Andreas Gullstrand and Fredrik Joakimsson lay down. To these ears he’s an upgrade over Robin Jidhed (who was just fine), and fits Creye’s sound perfectly.

II is one top-shelf melodic rock track after another, and doesn’t have any skippable songs. If you’re looking for some “try before you buy” songs, early singles “Broken Highway” and “Siberia,” plus rockers “Hold Back The Night” and “Let The World Know” ought to have you opening up your wallet in short order.

There are a lot of solid AOR and melodic rock albums released each year, but few that immediately rise to the top like II does. This is the album that should prove Creye is in the same league as Work Of Art, Art Nation, One Desire and Cruzh. There’s also plenty here for fans of Eclipse, H.E.A.T and Brother Firetribe to love. This is what melodic rock is all about.

Creye: II (Frontiers, 2021) Justin G.
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Summary: Glorious AOR/melodic rock


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