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Published on August 23rd, 2020 | by Justin G.

CJSS: World Gone Mad (Divebomb, 1986/2020)

Originally released in 1986, World Gone Mad was the debut album from CJSS, the American heavy metal band featuring guitar hotshot David Chastain (of, you know, Chastain). The J, S and S in CJSS represent vocalist Russell Jinkins (ex-Prizoner), bassist Mike Skimmerhorn and drummer Les Sharp, both of whom played with Chastain in his early band Spike.

It’s probably no surprise that CJSS sounds an awful lot like Chastain, only with a male vocalist. You could swap Jinkins for Leather Leone and have a really strong second Chastain album in World Gone Mad. More of David Chastain is always a good thing though, and there’s plenty to like about CJSS. Of course Chastain’s going to shred, but there are melodies a-plenty, and the whole album has that signature mid ’80s metal vibe, like just about every track could end up on a Metal Massacre compilation. Think Armored Saint, Malice and Leatherwolf. CJSS had that same “metal against the world” anthemic metal approach.

World Gone Mad is such an enjoyable straight-up heavy metal album. It’s impossible to hear songs like “Living In Exile,” “The Gates Of Eternity” and “No Man’s Land” and not get pumped up. They even serve up a cover of the Led Zeppelin classic “Communication Breakdown.” This one is a must-have for fans of Chastain’s main band, as well as fans of classic heavy metal in general.

Reissue Notes: While it appeared previously on a 2-on-1 collection, World Gone Mad had not received a proper CD release…until now. The Divebomb label has delivered a Deluxe Edition reissue that includes the full album, newly remastered by Jamie King, as well as four rare bonus demo tracks that have never appeared on CD before. It also includes expanded liner notes with a new interview with David Chastain. It’s the perfect way to add this lost gem to your collection.

CJSS: World Gone Mad (Divebomb, 1986/2020) Justin G.
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Summary: Finally a proper reissue of this classic metal gem


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