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Published on August 10th, 2016 | by Justin G.


Christian Mistress: To Your Death

Washington-based traditional heavy metal band Christian Mistress returned last year with their third album, titled To Your Death. They’re one of several retro-minded bands with female vocalists to emerge in recent years, and one of the more exciting bands on the Relapse label.

If you picked up Christian Mistress’s previous album Possession, you won’t find many surprises on To Your Death. The band found a formula that worked. That formula takes Black Sabbath-inspired heavy riffs and adds a NWOBHM vibe. It’s like Jess and the Ancient Ones plus some old Jaguar singles. It’s metallic, but with plenty of groove and another strong, versatile performance from singer Christine Davis.

To Your Death is another very strong offering from Christian Mistress. If you’re a fan of the new traditional metal bands like Corsair, Visigoth and Night Demon or the retro/stoner type bands like Castle and Jess and the Ancient Ones, Christian Mistress is a band you need to discover.

Christian Mistress

Christian Mistress: To Your Death Justin G.
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Summary: No real surprises here, but that's probably not a bad thing if you like their sound.


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