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Published on August 10th, 2016 | by Justin G.


Borknagar: Winter Thrice

Norwegian progressive/folk/black metal band Borknagar made us wait four years for the follow-up to their epic 2012 album Urd. Their new album, the band’s tenth full-length, is titled Winter Thrice, and once again they’ve delivered a masterpiece.

Borknagar was at the top of their game with Urd, and with Winter Thrice they may have gotten even better. ICS Vortex, Lars Nedlund and Vintersorg are once again on board, and the way their vocal styles – clean and harsh – complement each other is a huge part of the new Borknagar chemistry. Garm even lends his vocals to the title track. In terms of songwriting, Winter Thrice is the same majestic blend of black metal, progressive metal and folk metal (at least thematically). Like a less chaotic, more accessible Arcturus perhaps. The atmosphere is just massive on this album. It’s every bit as cold and epic as the title suggests.

Jens Bogren was once again enlisted to mix and master the album, and at this point there’s really no one better than he is at putting the finishing touches on this kind of album. Winter Thrice may be the best, most epic Borknagar album to date. Aside from the old school fans who still want a return to the Olden Domain days, it’s hard to imagine any Borknagar fan not loving this album. Winter Thrice should also satisfy fans of Leprous, Arcturus, Ihsahn and other more progressive, post-black metal bands.

Edition Notes: The deluxe edition CD release of Winter Thrice comes in a digipack and includes the bonus track “Dominant Winds” as well as a logo patch.


Borknagar: Winter Thrice Justin G.
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Summary: A strong "Best of 2016" contender, this is one of the most epic albums you'll hear this year.


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