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ARTI TISI Reissues Due in April on MelodicRock Records

From MelodicRock Records: Its finally time to announce the full details of the legendary ARTI TISI Archives!

We started with 55 tracks and took out a couple of duplicate alternative mixes and a few tracks that didn’t quite sonically match the quality of the main body of tracks. What is left is no less than 47 astonishing tracks that upon play back sound like a greatest hits album from the 80s. Except of course, none of these tracks have ever been released before!

Together with Arti Tisi, we’ve arranged the tracks into 3 separate discs that represent their own character and different eras in Arti’s recording career.

Disc One is New York City – some of Arti Tisi’s best anthems and commercial melodic rockers alongside some amazing ballads.

Disc Two is Back Again – a compilation of the harder edge of Arti Tisi’s songs, packing a hard rock punch not unlike Dokken, Hurricane, Lynch Mob or Shark Island.

Disc Three is The Reeperbahn – Arti Tisi’s evolution as a songwriter and performer. This showcases a more diverse and eclectic side of Arti’s writing and vocal performances. There’s some bluesier numbers, a couple of modern rockers, a couple of fun numbers and once again, a couple of very fine ballads with a twist.

Overall these three discs showcase everything that Arti Tisi produced over a number of years in the 80s and 90s. There is no logical reason why these songs weren’t massive radio hits in the day and why Arti Tisi isn’t a megastar. At least now we can finally take it all in and appreciate the sheer brilliance that is Arti Tisi!

‘New York City’, ‘Back Again’ and ‘The Reeperbahn’ are all released April 19. Pre-orders will be shipped prior.

A special thanks must go out to JK Northrup for his efforts in transferring these tunes from very old DATs and original reel to reel quarter inch tapes and then painstakingly remastered the audio so it now sounds just as good as was originally recorded.

Pre-order info can be found here:

Disc 1 – “New York City”

01 Guilty Heart 04:08
02 A Little Too Early 03:20
03 Can’t Live Without You 04:30
04 I’ll Be There 04:32
05 Cut And Run 03:58
06 New York City 04:30
07 Love You Too Much 04:30
08 Joanne 05:25
09 One Bad Habit 03:41
10 Knock Knock 03:52
11 Love Finds You Guilty 03:43
12 Change Of Heart 05:45
13 Limits Of Love 04:26
14 Think About Love 04:14
15 My Father’s Chair 03:36

Disc 2 – “Back Again”

01 Mirrors Don’t Lie 03:36
02 She Lights Dynamite 03:53
03 Take It Out On You 04:16
04 Can’t Face Another Night 05:00
05 Tiny Dancer 04:18
06 Responsible 04:07
07 Back Again 03:47
08 I Got The Music 04:05
09 Mama Sweet Evil 03:27
10 Shayna 03:54
11 We Will Survive 03:54
12 When It’s Over 04:37
13 Give It Up 03:53
14 I’m Your Car 03:33
15 Take It Out On You 04:00
16 Rockin Out The City 03:18

Disc 3 – “The Reeperbahn”

01 I’m The Man 04:04
02 Inside Story 04:25
03 Lift Me Up 04:04
04 Never Easy 03:55
05 Hang On To Your Life 03:23
06 Black n White Of Love 04:38
07 My Suspicious Side 06:04
08 Restless 04:22
09 Can’t Stop Breaking Down 04:45
10 How I Fell 03:24
11 When You Love Someone 03:37
12 Rockin Every Night 02:47
13 Night Child Blue 04:03
14 Break Away From You 04:19
15 Mother Naked 04:11
16 The Reeperbahn 05:09

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