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Published on June 22nd, 2017 | by Justin G.

Art Nation: Liberation (Gain)

Swedish melodic rockers Art Nation, who made a big splash with their 2015 debut Revolution, is back with a follow-up, titled Liberation. The band is newly signed to Sony’s Gain imprint, and appears to be following in the footsteps of fellow Swedes H.E.A.T in taking melodic rock to the masses.

Revolution could have passed for a H.E.A.T album, and that sound still looms large on Liberation, but there’s more of a pop influence this time around. Much like new labelmates Degreed, Art Nation fuses pop and rock very successfully, resulting in some of the catchiest melodic rock songs you’ll hear this year. The guitar hooks are fantastic on this album, and Alexander Strandell’s vocals are once again a huge selling point.

Liberation has eleven tracks that range from upbeat rockers to upbeat love songs to upbeat (sensing a theme?) pop songs. Leadoff rocker “Ghost Town” and “When Stars Align” are highlights, and the last three songs on the album (“I’m Alive,” “Paralyzed” and “What Do You Want”) definitely leave you wanting more. This one is really enjoyable start to finish.

It’s hard to say if Art Nation has topped their debut, but at the very least they didn’t take any steps backwards with Liberation. This is one of 2017’s best melodic rock albums, and a must-have for fans of catchy, pop-crossover melodic rock bands like H.E.A.T, Eclipse, One Desire and Degreed.

Art Nation: Liberation (Gain) Justin G.
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Summary: Nice and catchy, just as it should be.


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