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Published on October 23rd, 2016 | by Justin G.

AFM 20th Anniversary: 20 Years – Metal Addiction

AFM 20th Anniversary: 20 Years – Metal Addiction Justin G.
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Summary: 50+ great songs for the price of a single disc.


It’s hard to believe, but Germany’s AFM label has been around for a full two decades now. The label, which is home to a very diverse, very talented array of rock and metal bands, is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a massive, 3-disc collection of material from their best and brightest acts.

20 Years – Metal Addiction features a great cross-section of bands and styles, from traditional metal (U.D.O., Doro, Sinner) to power metal (Avantasia, Iron Savior, Edguy, Rhapsody of Fire, Brainstorm) to progressive metal (Evergrey, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Borealis) to melodic metal (Masterplan, Serious Black, Circle II Circle) to hard rock (Krokus, Danzig, Lordi, The New Black) to melodic rock (Shakra, Voodoo Circle, Kissin’ Dynamite) to thrash (Flotsam and Jetsam, Tankard, Onslaught) to industrial (Ministry, Fear Factory) to death/black metal (Solution .45, Graveworm, Mors Principium Est) to gothic/folk metal (Leaves Eyes, Suidakra, Theatre of Tragedy) and the harder to define German acts (Tanzwut, J.B.O., Stahlmann).

This set is weighted heavily on the last couple of years’ worth of releases, but it does reach back to the early days as well. This is the label that introduced many of us to Edguy and Avantasia, after all. The songs are all singles/regular album tracks*, so if you’ve kept up with your favorite AFM artists, you probably have most of these songs already. Still, given the low price point (less than the price of a single title for this 3-disc brick) you can discover some new favorites or just get a whopping 52 tracks to add to your music library.

*How cool would it be to see a big set like this full of b-sides, non-album tracks and the Japanese-only bonus tracks?


Track Listing
Disc: 1
1. U.D.O. – Thunderball
2. Avantasia – Reach Out For The Light
3. Evergrey – A New Dawn
4. Masterplan – Spirit Never Die
5. Doro – Thunderspell
6. Leaves’ Eyes – Edge Of Steel (2016 version)
7. Danzig – Ju Ju Bone
8. Lordi – The Riff
9. Shakra – Hello
10. Iron Savior – Starlight
11. Bloodbound – Moria
12. Flotsam and Jetsam – Taser
13. Ministry – Double Tap
14. A Life Divided – The Lost
15. D-A-D – Last Time In Neverland
16. Voodoo Circle – Graveyard City
17. Krokus – Too Wired To Sleep

Disc: 2
1. Edguy – Babylon
2. Orden Ogan – The Things We Believe In
3. Rhapsody Of Fire – Distant Sky
4. Kissin’ Dynamite – I Will Be King
5. Serious Black – Sealing My Fate
6. Jon Oliva’s Pain – Time To Die
7. Tankard – (Empty) Tankard
8. Elvenking – The Loser
9. Sinner – Heart Of Darkness
10. Ohrenfeindt – Zeit Für Rockn’Roll
11. Brainstorm – How Much Can You Take
12. At Vance – Only Human
13. Stahlmann – Feindflug
14. Solution .45 – Gravitational Lensing
15. Ektomorf – Rat War
16. Graveworm – Runaway
17. Onslaught – Born For War

Disc: 3
1. Herman Frank – Right In Your Guts
2. Iron Mask – All For Metal
3. J.B.O. – Vier Finger für ein Halleluja
4. The New Black – With A Grin
5. Thunderstone – Veterans Of The Apocalypse
6. Suidakra – March Of Conquest
7. Destruction – Bestial Invasion
8. Sinbreed – Call To Arms
9. Manimal – Irresistible (Edit)
10. Eden’s Curse – Sell Your Soul
11. Triosphere – Breathless
12. Circle II Circle – Into The Wind
13. Borealis – The Chosen One
14. Fear Factory – New Messiah
15. Mors Principium Est – God Has Fallen
16. Pyogenesis – Steam Paves Its Way
17. Tanzwut – Brüder Im Geiste
18. Theatre Of Tragedy – Hide And Seek

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